We had the opportunity to work with Renata Meins, Brazilian make up artist based  in Sydney, with more than 1.5 million subscribers on Youtube.

We had to create an ad that basically started with Renata and her briefcase, containing the “secret of beauty”, and regular women (traffic controller, doctor, waitress, teacher) doing her daily job.

For the 1st clip we got a plane runway at Bankstown Airport and a helicopter. From there we went for a stroll to the city for some shots of the harbour.

Watch part 1:

After Renata revealed the content of the briefcase, the women become all beautiful ending up with a dance choreography.

We got a warehouse, few tungsten Dedolights in the frame at the back, some smoke (as always) and a Arri 4k HMI fresnel diffusing through a 12×12 frame as keylight. 

The windows helped a lot, the sun drew the light beautifully on the floor.

Crew of the day: Daniele director and 1st camera op, Joseph 2nd camera op, Mattia (special ops) camera assistant and Gideon bts photos.

Watch the final clip below:

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