Second video with Lil Spacely, artist based in Blacktown (Sydney).

Shot back in December 2017.

Blackdanna crew, signed with WVS, Spacely comes out with his 2nd single “Dopeboy” feat Big Skeez.

We also shot previous clip “You Know It“, super clean and fresh visuals, so we had to keep up with that!

Copy of Photo-00033
Location 1 - Abandoned school

We got Spacely’s crew to show up hanging off a Jeep and do a couple of drifts in the dirt. This aerial shot was intent to be the start of the video. 


The intro got replaced with a mini short film about a drug deal, that went from a very moody dark scene to the drone shot mentioned above.

Mid summer, 40-45′, rain, sun, the highest level of humidity I’ve probably felt in my life. Of course it’s not going to stop us!


We had 2 cameras rolling at the same time, gimbal (closeup) and shoulder rig (wide). Not the typical run and gun setup.

The second location was an abandoned petrol station out west, that’s where the “cave” of the dealer is. (in the clip of course).

We had flares, 2 main girls, extras just flexing as usual. What do you expect from a video for a song called “Dopeboy”?

Their crew is massive, we always end up having scenes with 20+ people hyping up. Great energy. 

Day 1 we had Joseph at operating the camera 1 and assistance and mad photos from Gideon.

Day 2 we lacked of camera crew members as everyone was busy, so Alex (special ops) came down operating camera 2.

As always, we are very happy with the result, Spacely is a crazy rapper, humble as few. The combo with Cerne Studios can’t go wrong.

Watch the video below:

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