After working on the second video with Spacely, his label WVS (Record Label from Melbourne) got us in touch with Sophiegrophy to shoot a music video for her single “Bag”.


I appreciate so much when the artist take the effort to come down to our studio just to have a chat and discuss about the project.

We really want to work with people that are on our same wavelength, as artist you can’t make music with a producer that you connect as a person. Same with your video director.

Sophie came up from Melbourne and after a brief about the concept we decided to go forward with it! 

When I walk around I always look for locations. We noticed a cafe in a massive warehouse with this empty space at the top. Got the number and locked in the spot!

Trying my best to save some cash to our clients.

After a quick mop, the location was ready to go.


We got some props: a safe, few gold bricks, american dollars stacks (you’d be surprised but AU$ are actually harder to find.). Our suppliers ran out of money bags and we had to make them our self. Bunnings and some permanent marker. Looks good hey!

Our amazing dancers: @glo_tha_goddess @kzaurellana @yogirl_monica @christinagorjok @elijahcshipp

The dancers supposed to just do some freestyle dancing and while we were setting up the lights they created a dance choreography. Talent right there!

Crew of the day: Daniele director, Noel dop, Joseph camera operator, Dimitri camera assistant and Gideon bts photos.

Enjoy the clip below

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