Mid May, Lady Leshurr was here on tour from UK.

Time was tight, we had to organise everything in 1 night (concept, timing, locations, equipment, crew..) to shoot the following day. I like the challenges!

The amazing choreographer Malaika and make-up artist Kayla organised main locations, extras and dancers.

We started at 2pm shooting some drone shots of the city that we didn’t use because we ended up shooting the whole clip during the night.


Everyone was running late,  being a last minute video shoot shit happens and we just have to deal with it.

1st location, Pyrmont park: We had few b-rolls of the girls on roller skates, performances of Lady Leshurr next to the pier and the story of this group of girls just having fun. (second verse of the song)

Location 2: Luna Park. This is the start of the song, the girls get to the luna park and they bump to a group of guys. The main guy (Timomatic) crosses eyes with Lady Leshurr. They have a quick dance, feeling seems to be there but her friends drag her away.


Half way thru the shoot (about 5 pm),our camera operator Joseph, had to get the lights from the rental company and drop them at the studio in Ashfield.

At 10pm we finished to shoot at the Luna Park, head to the studio to pick up the equipment and get to “Jamaica House” in Newtown. (Location 3)

In the story, Lady Leshurr gets to the club and Timomatic ends up talking with her. The clip leads to the final dance.

For this location we had around 50-70 extras.  Caribbean vibes, a lo of fun!

Here you can watch the behind the scene / vlog video shot by @michellemajuru.

Lighting equipment: we had 3 Arri Skypanels, few dedolights, the good old Aputure 672 (x3) and smoke.

Camera crew: Daniele director/cam1, Noel cinematographer, Joseph 1st ac and Dimitri 2nd ac. Gideon bts photos.

The videoclip got almost 1 million views in the first 2 weeks. Hard work pays off.

Watch the full video below:

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