Recording Studio.

For artists by artists.

We have professional and certified audio engineers and producers ready to work with you.

We make sure your vision exceeds your expectations, as we bring your idea to life within minutes.

Our world-class Recording Studio brings you the highest quality with affordable prices.

Our recording studio is equipped with the best digital DSP processing on the market, from Universal Audio. 

How does it Work?

Mix and match your studio session.

You choose what to do:

  • recording
  • mixing
  • mastering
  • beat production

Half Studio Session

4 Hours
$ 260
  • Basic

Full Studio Session

8 Hours
$ 480
  • save $40

EP Package

40 Hours
$ 2000
  • Save $600
  • Free Photoshoot (worth $250)
  • Free artist consultation (worth $140)
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What else?

We also provide audio recording, music production, audio design, mixing and mastering for videos and animations.

We are offering additional services including: music videos, in session behind the scenes/video diaries, photography (press shots), artist development and social media managing

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This isn't just our day job

Our love for this industry carries through to the way we live every single day. In our own time, are always developing and funding other self-initiated projects.

It's how we get inspired, and it gives us motivation for what we do. Let's make something great.